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Four Tips to Avoid Immigration Scams and Copycats

The migrant population in our world is among the most vulnerable, and unfortunately, many bad actors prey upon them, including those claiming to be Workforce Hope affiliates or employees. To protect yourself as you prepare to migrate, follow these guidelines:

1. Only communicate with the official, verified channels

  1. Be sure to use our official websites and the social media channels in the footers:

    1. Workforce Hope Global Website:

    2. Workforce Hope Foundation website:

    3. Workforce Hope Ukraine Website:

    4. Workforce Hope LATAM Website:

    5. Workforce Hope LATAM Nurses Website:

    6. Careers Page:

  2. When in doubt, hang up and call or email the last trusted contact or contact us at this link.

2. Be suspicious of messages from unknown sources with unnecessary urgency

  1. Scammers will often use a sense of urgency to manipulate you into acting without thinking.

  2. Use caution: urgent messages from unknown sources should be verified.

3. Do not send private identifiable information over unencrypted channels

  1. Workforce Hope will only ask you to upload information over encrypted channels, such as directly to our careers page or our Law Firm's platform, eImmigration.

  2. Never send sensitive information like your passport number, drivers license, etc. over email or text. We will never ask you for that information over text.

4. We will never ask you for money

  1. According to ethical international recruitment standards, refugees and immigrants should not pay for any recruitment fees.

  2. All legal fees are paid for by the employer.


If you feel unsafe or uncertain, please contact the global office here.


These are known Workforce Hope scammers. Please avoid them, report any suspicious activity to us, and report on the social media platform if available.

- Workforce Hope Copycat targeting Ukrainians: +48730615336

Stay alert and safeguard yourself from potential scams. Your safety and security are of utmost importance.


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