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Are you searching for a way to work legally in the United States or Canada?

I'm in the US or Canada, looking for a job

I'm abroad, looking for a job in the US or Canada

Living Wage Job
Legal Assistance
Housing Assistance
Travel Costs Covered
Possible Path to Permanent Residency

Workforce Hope helps people around the world to live and work in the United States or Canada. 

We recruit workers from around the world like yourself, and pair you with jobs with reputable employers in the United States and Canada. We handle all of the visa application processes so that you are ready to live, work, and thrive legally. 

Whether you are already in the United States, Canada, your home country, or in a transitional location, we will review your unique situation to best pair your work skills and visa eligibility with a job from a reputable employer. 

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How it works

Begin by completing our online application

We will set up a preliminary interview

We will send you instructions to upload required documents into our secure application program

We match you with job descriptions. If the employer deems necessary to interview, we will set up an interview with the employer and a translator

If it’s a good fit, the employer will send an offer letter that you may choose to sign or decline

You choose to sign the offer letter! Yay! You’ve just been hired! We transfer your information to our legal partners who begin the appropriate visa processing, and we get to work to secure housing and community resources

After you’ve been approved we book transportation into your new community in the United States

If flying, someone will greet you at the airport and tour you around your new community and home

Welcome to your new home!

I'm in the United States, looking for a job

I'm abroad, looking for a job in the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be able to speak English?

It depends on the employer and on the job. Some jobs require very little or basic English. Some professional jobs, such as nursing, require a more proficient level of English. In the first recruitment interview, the recruiter will learn about your experience in speaking English and we will pair you up with an appropriate job.

If you are interested in moving, start learning now! Learning English will help you in your work, shop for groceries, and make friends in your new community. When you get to the United States we will connect you with English learning classes and resources.

Can my family come with?

Yes. We believe in keeping families together. Any member of your family that is eligible to work can apply for work through Workforce Hope. Every hired individual will have their legal and travel fees paid through the employer. If you aren’t able to pay the legal or travel fees for any non-hired family member, we will try to pair you with an employer that will offer a micro-loan to cover the cost of legal and travel fees.

Where will I live?

Your employer and the Workforce Hope Foundation will work to secure housing, likely an apartment. You may choose to accept a micro-loan from your employer if you aren’t able to pay for rent in the first couple of months. (That’s okay!)

How much does this cost?

The legal processing and travel for hired employees is paid for by the employer. Workforce Hope will never ask you for money.

Have Additional Questions?

You will likely have many questions that pertain to your situation! Our recruitment team will gladly help you answer these questions and explain the next steps needed.

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