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Jobs for Ukrainians in the US

Are you abroad, hoping to come to the US or Canada? Click Here

Nataliia's Story

Nataliia was a teacher in Ukraine when war came suddenly. Hear her story of her difficult decision to leave her country, her journey across many borders, and what 'home' means for her.

Since the war began, more than 118,000 Ukrainians have come to the US through the Humanitarian Parole program.

As war continues many Ukrainian refugees are searching for longer term plans for their stay in the US.

Workforce Hope helps people around the world to live and work in the United States. We recruit workers from around the world like yourself, and pair you with jobs with reputable employers in the United States.

If you are authorized to work in the United States, Workforce Hope can help you find stable employment that could potentially lead to permanent residency for you and your family.

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Path to permanent residency

At Workforce Hope, we can help pair you with a job that could potentially lead to permanent residency.

Must Have Work Authorization or Pending Work Authorization

We can help Ukrainians living in the United States legally with work authorization or pending work authorization. By law, we are only able to help those who have arrived in the US legally. 

Have friends and family abroad hoping to relocate? We also work with Ukrainians in Ukraine and abroad, learn more here.

Must Be Willing to Relocate

Workforce Hope knows that dignity starts with a good job, but wholistic integration and health takes much more. That’s why we work with employers in a small range of the United States to ensure that we can properly welcome and integrate newcomers into their new home.

Today, our employers are located in North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Carolina.

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Begin by completing our online application

We will set up a preliminary interview

We will send you instructions to upload required documents into our secure application program

We match you with open job descriptions. We will set up an interview with the employer including a translator if necessary

If it’s a good fit, the employer will send an offer letter that you may choose to sign or decline

You choose to sign the offer letter! Yay! You’ve just been hired! 

We work to secure housing and arrange travel

If flying, someone will greet you at the airport and give you a ride to your new home

How it works









What the Employer Pays For

The employer pays for legal fees and travel for the employee. Some of our employers are willing to offer micro-loans for establishment in the first 90 days to cover things like family travel, apartment deposits, and the first three months of rent.


We believe in keeping families together. Employers typically only pay for travel for the employee, so you will be responsible for family travel costs. Talk with your WFH representative to discuss your ability to pay for family travel and what options may be available for you, including employer micro-loans. 

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